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Courses for refugee children and youth in Finland

You can order information on the courses in your own language from the Summer High School Association.

Right to one's own culture

In those states, in which ethnic, religious or linguistic minorities or persons of indigenous origin exist, a child belonging to such a minority or who is indigenous shall not be denied the right, in community with other members of his or her group, to enjoy his or her own culture, to profess and practice his or her own religion, or to use his or her own language. (Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 30)

The Summer High School Association organises courses in the native language and culture for 7 to 14 year old refugee children and youth living in Finland. The purpose of the courses is to help them maintain and strengthen their cultural identity. Courses are held in different parts of the country, and the duration of each course is approximately one week. Each year, about three hundred students together with sixty refugee teachers attend these courses.

The courses are organised in collaboration with the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri), a subordinate to the Ministry of the Interior, and they are financed through funds received from the Slot Machine Association in Finland (RAY).

The Summer High School Association is in charge of the planning, implementation and supervision of the courses. The association recruits and trains the teachers; the program of each course is planned and implemented by the teachers.

Summer High Schools for Immigrants

The association organises two summer high schools for young immigrants over 15 years of age. The purpose of the courses is to teach the Finnish language and to give information on the Finnish culture as well as educational and career opportunities. The program also includes native language teaching by native teachers, and cultural exchange. Study counselling is also provided during this eight-day course. Summer 2016 the association organises a summer high school for over 15-year-old immigrant girls.The summer school aims at supporting the education and career planning of immigrant girls.

Young people with immigrant background are also welcome to apply to any summer high school organised by the Summer High School Association in Finland or abroad.

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